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Process optimization thanks to special MAJA tooth roller

The new combined membrane skinning and desinewing machine EVMsplit 4006 helps to optimize the skinning process and to increase the yield. Thanks to the special transport / tooth roller with two types of tooth shapes, the work steps defatting and desinewing as well as membrane skinning can be performed with one and the same machine by one and the same operator. Thus improved product hygiene and time savings as several tasks can be combined.
How does it work? Have a look at the application videos!
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The formula of success: better derinding result + less post-processing = more benefit!

Residual rind on the meat cut which is not removed by the automatic derinding machine costs a lot of money as the cut must be post-processed by hand. But by hand knife, the operator does not only remove the rind but also precious meat and fat. The result: Dropping yield and reduced product quality. For avoiding such problems, MAJA can offer now the new conveyorized derinding machines of the BXAplus-range. Thanks to the mechanical cut control and the newly developed MAJA pressure system, an excellent derinding result can be obtained, especially at the start of the cut.
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Shiny, granular ice nuggets, temperature -0,5°C

Three MAJA nugget ice machines type NA are available, ice output 300 to 970 kg / 24 h
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No longer manual ice shovelling!

Fed up of manual ice shovelling? Then it's time for your automatic AS flake ice silo. No manual labour - improved hygiene!
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For versatile applications and manual refinishing.

ESB 4434/1 GV for gentle skinning of chicken and turkey without damaging meat or skin.

Welcome at MAJA, your partner for flake ice machines and meat processing machines!

MAJA develops, produces and distributes high-quality meat processing machinery, such as derinders, membrane skinners, fish and poultry skinning machines as well as fresh meat slicers, especially weight-controlled meat portioning systems. Moreover, a wide range of flake ice machines round out the vast product range for the food processing sector. Since almost 60 years, it has been MAJA's aim to be a reliable partner to the butcher's trade and to the food processing industry by creating for these target groups highly profitable and safe processing solutions. MAJA sets high quality standards by which it always can be measured! Much more than 30.000 MAJA-machines are every day in the field around the world. That's why MAJA has become an essential and indispensable part in the food processing value chain.

 Innovative and reliable high technology - made in Germany - made by MAJA

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Trade shows

19 - 23 October 2014


France / Paris

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9 - 11 November 2014


Dubai / UAE

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Portioning, loading, grading, conveying:

The MAJA FPE 155 is the only meat portioning machine on the market wich cannot only slice equalized portions, but also load the slices directly into trays.


Do you know the MAJA Youtube channel?

The best MAJA application videos of our machines are also available at Youtube. For example, the new MAJA image video! Please feel free to join us on a five minutes journey through the fascinating world of MAJA. Flake ice machines, derinders and skinners as well as highly technological meat portioning ...

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MAJA has many years of experience in flake ice production with alternative refrigerants.

There is an international scientific consensus that global temperature rise should be limited to 2°C in order to prevent undesirable impacts on climate change. The European Commission plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the industries by the year 2030 with 70 percent. No wonder, that this is a current ...

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MAJA is partner of the sustainability initiative BLUECOMPETENCE

In daily business, everybody talks about profit, yield and results. For MAJA, this is not enough as we think that the responsible use of resources, energy and nature concerns everybody of us. Also our customers treat more and more with such subjects. That's why the MAJA-Maschinenfabrik joined the VDMA's sustainability ...

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Interactive booth visit: Come and see us again on our IFFA booth!

You missed the opportunity to visit the MAJA booth with its highlights in the fields of derinding / skinning / portion control slicing and hygienic flake ice production? Or you just want to have a closer look at our novelties? Then please feel free to use this link to our ...

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